Concealed Deadly Weapon felony charge after getting jumped

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I received a felony charge (final sentence) in 2007 as a result of carrying a concealed weapon after getting "jumped" by a group of guys in front of my house. I originally got arrested in 2005, but my court appointed attorney kept asking for a continuance; which in the long run was bad for me. Serving jail time and being put on 5 years probation that I'm currently still on until February 13th, 2012 has been very hard to fully cope with. I had to quit going to school for psychology because the state of Kentucky wouldn't certify me as a felon. Jobs overlook me even though I feel my reaction to an action doesn't highlight any of my characteristics. The only positive thing I can say about having a felony conviction is that it made me mentally stronger. Having someone tell you "no" because of a wrong decision makes you try harder to accomplish things in your life.

In the spring of 2011 I enrolled in photography school and started my own business as a freelance photographer. With my probation term coming to an end next month, I've been looking into having my felony expunged, but don't know the exact route to take.

Everyone makes a wrong decision during the course of their life, but it's how you handle it that truly defines you as a person. I've been given many opportunities to expand my photography business and I feel everything that happened to me was for this particular reason.