Charged with Felony DUI for wife's refusal

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Nearly one year ago I was involved in a motor cycle accident. I was ambulanced to the hospital. I was ticketed for leaving the scene and failure to notify.

While unconscience the law enforcenment arrived and asked the nurse to draw my blood. My wife protested and the attending nurse contacted administration and the hospital refused. The officer said he was going to call it a refusal and take my liscense.

I was never ticketed for dui. I lost my liscense for 3 months. Almost 1 year later I was arrested and charged with a felony dui. I had a felony dui 8 years ago.

They are trying to use an ivestigative subpeona. I have a good life and want some one to give me some options. I never refused; my wife and the hospital did. (They are talking 5 years DOC).