Can't find job after cocaine felony

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I was charged 1 year and 4months ago. The crime happened 20 months ago and I have been clean for that long.

I have a BFA with a major in automotive design. I was a car designer at the big three for 7 years. I quit when I became addicted to cocaine because I knew they already knew and it was only a matter of time. I could not get myself into treatment, because, I still had money, and freedom. I never thought that I would not be able to get back my life without cocaine.

The felony and background check has kept me from getting any kind of a normal paying job. I had to take my first job as a weed whipper in a truck with 3 other felons who smoked weed all day.

Thank god I didn't because out of the blue I had to take a drug test to work as a server and I passed. At least I have that job. However, I am lucky to make 20K per year when I used to make 65K.

I have to live in a room with my brothers family. I can not afford to move out on my own.

Several times per week I job search on the web and apply for anything that I can. No word. And when I do get an offer, it is revoked as soon as they find the felony.

I dont qualify to go back to school, because, when I finish, my chances of getting a job are slim to none.

Does anyone know of a similar case, where there was a job offer for someone like me?